With over 25 years of professional experience in the fields of environment, sustainability, industrial safety, and health, Mr. Al-Ghamdi has established himself as an expert in Environmental Risk Assessment, Compliance, Occupational Health and Environmental Regulations Safety, Responsible Care, Policy, Legislation, and Environmental Performance.

Previously, Mr. Al-Ghamdi served as a consultant and general manager for the Department of Environmental Legislation and Performance, where his contributions were highly valuable.

Mr. Al-Ghamdi’s career also includes 18 years at the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), where he held several positions in the environment, safety, and occupational health sector. During his time at SABIC, Mr. Al-Ghamdi played a vital role in the development and audit of compliance with environmental, health, and safety management systems, both at SABIC and its subsidiaries. These systems were aligned with international best practices to ensure that regulatory requirements were met, and significant environmental performance indicators were monitored and measured.

Engineer Ali bin Saeed Al-Ghamdi currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC).

Eng. Ali bin Saeed Al-Ghamdi

CEO, National Center for Environmental Compliance


Day 1 | 14 May 2023 | Inaugural address: The road ahead – Towards an implementable international instrument on plastic pollution