Dr. Aldohish is the CEO and President of SNAM Industries Group. He obtained practical experience and exchanged knowledge with global car manufacturers, which have multiple locations and are spread in many incubating countries, he has studied and analyzed the paths and models that could be applied through the availability and ease of localization of supply chains linked in the legislation and availability of logistics systems, he has gained knowledge and experience in determining which models of manufacturing are applicable that considers geographical distribution and transfer of manufacturing technologies by tracking the markets and the attractive investment environments.

Dr. Aldohish holds a Ph.D. degree in automotive manufacturing from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN, USA). Dr. Aldohish has published many papers in automotive manufacturing, supply chain management, manufacturing management systems, and quality assurance practices.

Dr. Aldohish’s affiliations include American Society for Quality (ASQ), Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) United States, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) United States, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (United States), and Saudi Quality Committee (SQC, Saudi Arabia). He has also served as a member of various industrial and scientific committees and participated in numerous activities at Riyadh chamber of commerce, ministry of commerceand investment, and TVTC.

His work in shaping the business of SNAM Group has been instrumental, as breaking into the passenger vehicle production is extremely sophisticated technically, financially, and operationally.

Dr. Fahd Aldohish

President & CEO, SNAM Automobiles Industries Co


Day 2 | 15 May 2023 | Panel discussion: Supporting the development of an automotive industry in the GCC