Dirk Lechtenberg

Managing Director and Founder

MVW Lechtenberg & Partner

Dirk Lechtenberg, born 10.10.1966 in Germany, is a pioneer in the field of the production and use of alternative fuels. During his over 25-year involvement in the field of alternative fuels, he has been responsible for the development of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) projects all over the world. Before founding MVW Lechtenberg & Partner in 2004, he was educated at the Technical University of Berlin as environmental engineer in 1992. He started his career as a project engineer at MBM Industrieanlagen GmbH, Germany, owned by Portlandzementwerke Miebach & Söhne, Germany, and later Managing Director of an RDF processing plant belonging to Emons Group – one of the biggest private owned Dutch logistic companies.

As the Managing Director and founder of MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, he and his team develop custom-made concepts for the processing of domestic waste and other waste into alternative fuels all over the world. As consultant, Dirk Lechtenberg has worked so far for several authorities around the world, such as the Federal German Environmental protection agency (Umwelt¬bun¬des-amt), The Executive Committee for the Governance of the Energy and Water Price Reform Program, Ministry of Energy (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) with two reports to evaluate required CAPEX from the state for a “fuel switch” for all industries in 2020 / 2021, and many others.