“I would like to thank GPCA for the excellent organization of the event, and in specific – the level of seniority we have in the room, which both showcases and reflects the important role that GPCA plays on a global level in driving industry growth and sustainability.”


Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh

CEO, SABIC and Chairman, GPCA

“I think the theme of this year’s PlastiCon is very important. It is an eye opener even for us as producers, and brings a lot of attention to what would happen in the world regarding plastic waste.”


Jamal Malaikah

President and CEO


“The whole regional industry under one roof sharing, listening and growing together – this is something unique that makes the conference noteworthy.”


Dr. Mohammad Al Mulla

Managing Director and CEO, QAPCO and Vice-chair, GPCA

“The 8th GPCA PlastiCon has been an enlightening experience, offering a great platform to share best practice, lessons learned and contacts to overcome future challenges.”


Abdullah Mohammed Ramadan

Elastomer and Tire Technology Engineer

High Institute for Elastomer Industries

“PlastiCon is a high quality conference with exceptional speakers who bring thought challenging presentations and ideas for everyone who attends.”


Dr. Raed Al-Zubi

International President


“PlastiCon serves as a rock for GCC plastic converters in the waves of turbulent times. In addition, the GPCA Plastic Excellence Awards show the high level of inspiration, idea generation and scientific background for plastic processing in the region. For the audience both are always a source of information and inspiration combined with an excellent opportunity to network with industry experts.”


Ulrich Reiners


Executive Packaging