The Arabian Gulf has cemented its position as the leading plastic producer and exporter in the world. Although it is a flourishing industry, 95% of packaging material value or USD 80-120 billion annually is lost to the economy after its first life. Adopting a Circular Economy is the only holistic solution which will not only enhance the value of resources but also minimize any value leakage.

Circular Economy by itself, strives to lower operating costs but also champion innovation and development of new products that further add value to the system. Creating an effective after-use plastics economy is the first step towards closing the loop. Not only is it critical to capture more material value at every stage which will in turn enhance resource productivity, it will also prove to be a direct economic enticement to avoid leakage into the environment.

Regional plastic producers are sensing this urgency to identify and embrace this opportunity by driving alternative feedstock strategies thus increasing the circularity of plastics. Brand owners are pledging their support by using a lot more recycled content to ensure sustainable packaging. Plastics waste management is radically evolving in the GCC. Opportunities in this region are evident, considering the joint participation between the governments and private sector companies. Cross value chain collaboration supported with innovation is the optimum solution to build a circular economy which benefits the environment.

plastic packaging is collected for recycling
material value of plastics is regained
of plastics packaging is not recovered

40% landfilled; 32% leakage out of the collection system

Considering these facts, this is an opportunity to increase circularity and capture material value of plastics. All of this can be achieved if we focus on creating an effective after-use plastics economy by promoting reuse, increasing the recycling rate and recovery of material value.

Trends in Circular Economy:

Cross value chain collaboration

Companies are collaborating to develop an end-to-end integrated plastic recycling management system to create a circular economy for plastics

Keeping innovation at its highest point

Businesses are understanding that it is essential for the entire value chain to keep innovating at every stage. This also involves innovating new packaging designs which can be reused, recovered and recycled.

Strengthen markets for recycled plastics

The industry is committing itself towards the use of post-consumer recycled content in their packaging

Regulatory support

The GCC government is positive in embracing the circular economy and is overlaying a bright path for sustainable waste practices

Embedding Circular thinking through Design for Recycling

Plastic and packaging producers have realized that end of life of the product needs to be at the forefront throughout the product development process.

Collaborate to innovate

Redesign materials, process, technologies and partner along the value chain