Investing in new value creation: A sustainable transformation

The level of global interest in plastic production, consumption, and waste has soared in recent years. While much of this focus has been on the risks and impacts, we must recognize the fact that this material has made life convenient for many through its durable yet affordable quality, light weighting many applications to reduce emissions, extending the shelf life of durable products, etc. Addressing the challenges of plastic waste may seem like a relatively recent phenomenon with how much attention it’s received over the last decade. However, this situation extends decades beyond the modern-day. It is in the late 1960s and early 1970s that we first started noticing its leakage into the environment and yet, plastic demand has grown, in line with other bulk materials, with advanced economies using 20 times more plastic than developing markets around the world.

The plastic value chain is complex, touching most, if not all, business sectors globally.  Reducing plastic waste requires unprecedented effort, ultimately involving systems-level changes to transform the global plastic economy and combining commonly proposed approaches for plastics governance. GPCA realises its role to equip you with the information you need to understand the global plastics system, providing a technical overview of plastics and plastic markets, as well as exploring common concepts and emerging trends. Held under the theme “ Investing in new value creation: A sustainable transformation”, the GPCA Plastics Conference aims to provide a platform that enables the industry to discuss the direction in which we are heading, understand economic drivers, and environmental impact, dispel misconceptions, and assess which policies, practices, and technologies can support a more sustainable and circular management of plastic materials.

Join us in Al Khobar on 14-15 May 2023 as we bring you two days of thought-provoking discussions on how collaboration can be improved along the extended global production and after-use value chain, as well as with governments to achieve systemic change and overcome stalemates in today’s plastics economy.

GPCA Plastics Conference 2022 event highlights