Which are the top 2 circular economy trends that will shape 2020?

Customers are demanding turnkey and cost effective solutions that are technically sound for enhancing the use of recycled polymers and a circular economy allowing them to reuse and recycle their products easily. There is increased consumer awareness regarding the need to have diverse, integrated solutions that incorporate synergies for optimal achievement of Sustainable Development goals. For 2020, we can expect the following major trends to gain momentum:

  1. The increased use of recycled polymers in raw materials and end products in Plastics which will also fuel the demand for recyclability and reusability of current product designs.
  2. Manufacturing of Biodegradable Compostable Plastic end products for appropriate applications.


What are Ampacet’s recent efforts in building a circular economy at the local level?

  1. With the initiative to innovate sustainable solutions in master batch technology, Ampacet’s strategy this year has brought further focus on strengthening the reach of our sustainable efforts.
  2. In 2019, Ampacet MEA achieved a 100% increase with the sale of 1.3 tons of paid product samples in the direct market segment of sustainability.
  3. With proved customer commitment as a driving force to guide our efforts towards innovating regular sustainable product ranges, we will continue to build on crucial collaborations including waste management technology.
  4. In the near future, we foresee the local region realizing the importance and benefits of sustainable innovations within the paper and wood technology replacement sectors, the development of compostable compounds and circular economy enhancers like Blue Edge 226, Blue Edge 78 and Revive.
  5. Our key Sustainability Products are highlighted below:
    1. Blue Edge – An additive working at extremely low dosages to Off-set the yellowish/brownish shade encountered with the use of recycle polymer and is available for both PET and PE. In PE, the product further helps to homogenize the recycle PE stream and minimize gel formation and visible defects.
    2. Reviveᵀᴹ – Currently, most barrier film and industrial scraps are not recycled in-house and post-consumer barrier packaging wastes pose an even greater challenge for recyclability. This additive serves as a compatibilizer master batch allowing the polymer mix to be reprocessed, improving homogeneity and physical properties to regrind material. Thus, enabling reuse of various multi-material reclaim materials back into quality film applications whilst reducing consumption of virgin polymers.
    3. BIORANGE– A comprehensive range of colour and additive masterbatch designed for compostable polymer families complying with EN 13432 composting standard.
    4. BIOCOMPOUND – A drop-in ready-to-use compound to be processed on blown film lines to manufacture compostable films with a white-sand color appearance for various packaging applications. It can be further colored to suit customization.
    5. SYNTHETIC PAPER TECHNOLOGIES – Ampacet’s synthetic paper master batch solutions provide trendy paper look, touch and feel to the final product retaining the benefits of polymeric films, making them ideal replacement solutions to wood-pulp paper.
    6. Recycle carrier color and additive solutions – Combining custom color matching technology with additive solutions in a PCR Polymer base.
    7. REC-O-BLACK – Made out of Recovered & Recycled feedstock for both coloration and carrier, Ampacet’s REC-O-BLACK master batch strongly contribute to Plastic Circular Economy.
    8. SHELF LIFE EXTENSION – A robust range of additives promoting shelf life extension for food packaging.
    9. RESOURCE EFFICIENCY AND ENERGY SAVINGS- These functions are supported by our multifaceted Proflow and Foaming ranges.


As your organization is actively supporting circularity of plastics, what are the key measures undertaken to back this transformative change?

  1. Ampacet MEA has prioritized sustainability efforts across the region with the appointment of a regional Sustainability Leader. This effort aims to lead innovation in Sustainable Plastics Solutions, developed by Ampacet, to the forefront of plastic production and development across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.
  2. With primary concerns revolving around the difficulty of sustaining practical pricing and recognition of the emerging market space for innovative sustainable products, Ampacet is empowering the plastics industry with a diverse range of tools to enable fast tracked innovation of new sustainable solutions. In an attempt to resolve the crisis facing our planet, we understand the emphasis on the development of solutions that can efficiently integrate into current manufacturing best practices.
  3. Globally, Ampacet has established its commitment and responsibility towards promoting sustainability. This is achieved by implementing tangible measures within the organization’s manufacturing and operation processes focusing on the below:
    1. Energy & Climate- Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.
    2. Natural Resources – Use of high quality, responsibly sourced raw materials advocating the economical use of renewables.
    3. People and Community – Ensuring responsible, ethical manufacturing and production practices and processes are accomplished.
    4. Material Efficiency – Reducing waste, enhancing quality and increasing usage of non-fossil source of energy.


What can the delegates expect from your session, Design for Recycling at PlastiCon 2020 and how will it benefit the industry?

Delegates will leave the session inspired, empowered and motivated to push the limits of current production practices within the Plastics Industry. They will have a sense of association, knowing that they are not isolated in this essential and critical effort, understanding the value and benefit of appropriate collaborations coupled with world class technology. They will have the confidence to promote their endeavors whilst sustaining their professional integrity and ensuring the well-being of their employees and businesses. This will boost the organizational efforts geared towards sustainability resulting in the accelerated availability of substantial sustainable solutions in the regional and global market.

Khalil Fadda

Khalil Fadda

GM – Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Central Asia

Ampacet Corporation