Which are the top 2 circular economy trends that will shape 2020?

  1. The Main trend is the buy/use/recycle/create new products circle.  Customers now expect products to be either made from recycled materials or that products can be recycled once used. Research has shown that younger consumers make purchasing decisions based on green and environmental credentials of items. They are also put off by “greenwashing” so companies must ensure they are doing something tangible to help the environment.
  2. Another key aspect is that policy makers (Governments etc) will increase pressure on producers to produce sustainable products and packaging. Manufacturers will have to hit targets in regards to the amount of recyclable packaging in their products.

What is the biggest hindrance faced towards the concept of Design for Recycling ?

There is some price resistance for products made from recycled materials. Due to our fragmented supply chain, as well as the high quality of our products, we sit a price point higher than some conventional manufacturing. many consumers believe that recycled products should be cheaper as they are made from “waste”. This is not the case and our products are really ‘upcycled’ rather than just recycled.

What can the delegates expect from your session, ’Design for Recycling’  at PlastiCon 2020

We will share facts about polyester and sustainable materials used in the fashion industry. We will demonstrate that plastic is a useful and necessary material that is vital for modern society. In order to reduce plastic pollution human behavior needs to change. Plastic has to be recycled not substituted for other materials (which tend to be environmentally worse in the long run).

We will give tips on personal responsibility and behavioral changes that delegates can make themselves.

How important is this event to the Plastics value chain?

Events such as this are critical. People need to discuss these issues in public arenas. Understand options and solutions and be motivated to make the change.

Emma Barber

Emma Barber